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Bed & Breakfast Shakuhachi Home Intensive Study

Come to my house for the weekend and you’ll have my undivided attention for shakuhachi instruction. We’ll cover any aspect of shakuhachi you need help with, from sharpening your reading skills to understanding and playing honkyoku. You’ll have a private guest room and we’ll have healthy, home-cooked vegetarian meals here at the house. If you are flying in, I can pick you up at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Whether you come for one day, two days, or even stay for a whole week, anything can be arranged if we plan ahead. You’ll be totally immersed in shakuhachi while learning at a pace that is catered to your needs.

One or two Home Intensives a year is like six months worth of lessons! Of course, we won’t be playing 12 hours a day for two or three days or we’d both fall over. However, we will be eating, sleeping and drinking shakuhachi. When we’re not playing, we’ll be talking about various aspects of shakuhachi (e.g., history, songs and composers, flutes and makers, and the Buddhist influences on shakuhachi) as well as about Japanese culture and my experiences in Japan. If you become saturated you can lie on the couch and just listen to shakuhachi.

Home Intensive Study offers benefits similar to those of my retreats, but learning is tenfold with private instruction. Hearing and playing along with your teacher raises your own level of playing. In an immersion setting, this higher level of focus and playing becomes part of you and stays with you; when you return home and play in your usual conditions, you’ll immediately notice the difference.

Home Intensive Study is also a great way to work on your certification qualifications. You may come to test out at a specific level and make plans for the next.

Prices for these “Bed and Breakfast Home Intensives” are amazingly affordable when you think about the amount of time and private attention you are receiving. The cost per day is $350, which includes room, board and about 14 hours of shakuhachi! Send me an email if you’re are interested and/or have questions about these intensives.

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